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Exmouth Miniature Railway

The Exmouth Express

We are Exmouth Miniature Railway with a 10 1/4 gauge diesel train called the Exmouth Express. We are a portable miniature railway travelling to events and shows across the South West of England.

The Exmouth Express was stationed at the fun park on Exmouth seafront in Devon, during the 1980’s until the summer of 2017. 

When the fun park closed in 2017, she was sold, craned out and removed from the seafront.

In 2019, we started our search for the Exmouth Express, after asking around we found out she was residing in Lapa Valley in Cornwall, where she was gathering rust in a shed. We travelled to Cornwall in March 2020 and brought her home!

In March 2020, the Coronavirus pandemic halted our plans for re-launching Exmouth Miniature Railway, with all events postponed or cancelled. We decided to give the Exmouth Express some true TLC and put her through an in-depth restoration. We began by replacing the wheels, followed by new running gear, breaks and then replacing the engine.

It was a  busy couple of lockdowns for the Exmouth Express. Her brand new engine was fitted and runs so much better. We also improved the body work, putting a cab back on the loco.

Once we finished the cab, the Exmouth Express was ready for sanding before we could begin the painting. And then she was green!

After almost a year of working on the refurbishment, the Exmouth Express was finally ready. The main body of the locomotive is the 1978 original and the refurbished carriages are from the 1950’s. 

The Exmouth Express began taking passengers again in 2021.

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